Ramadan 2022 – £30 Feeds a Family for a month

GOAL : 200000 £

RAISED : 7117 £

Water Fall Charity have been providing the poor,neglected in Tanzania and India with food parcels for the past few years before Ramadan. Despite the pandemic last year we distributed over […]

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Donate A Quran

GOAL : 6000 £

RAISED : 1885 £

This Ramadan, help us provide Qurans to the poor and needy in Tanzania. The Uk waterfall team will be distributing alongside our Ramadan Food distribution. Each Quran costs just £2.50 […]

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Solar Homes Project,Pemba Island Tanzania

GOAL : 50000 £

RAISED : 6003 £

Waterfall Charity has launched a project to give all homes on Pemba Island Tanzania, clean renewable, energy. 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity. After dark many […]

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Well Project India

GOAL : 50000 £

RAISED : 11243 £

We are implementing bore hole wells to the most needy of communities in West Bengal and Bihar India. We place in the most central location so it impacts as many […]

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Food Aid

GOAL : 10000 £

RAISED : 7998 £

Food security is a major problem affecting millions of people around the world. Even where famine is not the immediate cause, poverty truly in many parts of the world leads […]

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Fruit Tree Plantation Project

GOAL : 10 £

RAISED : 70 £

Waterfall is just starting a fruit tree project on land purchased on Pemba Island on which we are building a school. We are planning to grow mangoes, papayas, coconuts, trees, […]

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Sponsor a Child in Tanzania

GOAL : 10000 £

RAISED : 4232 £

Education is the best gift you can give, especially to orphans and the poor. Water Fall Charity help run a schools in Tanga Tanzania,Dar Es Salaam and Pemba Island Tanzania,where […]

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Hand Pump India

GOAL : 15000 £

RAISED : 3021 £

Donate a hand pump for £150 in West Bengal India to needy families. We have completed 500 hand pumps in this area,but there is a urgent need for more. The […]

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