About Us

About Waterfall

Water Fall is a UK registered charity started in January 2011 to try and help the global water crisis, after seeing poverty in India, Africa and the struggle and problems for water.

Since then we have evolved into other humanitarian project from building schools, setting up self sustainable project to food aid. We want to educate and encourage people to support and preserve the basic necessities of life and give this resource to people who are the most needy.

Our Mission

To relieve poverty and preserve and protect good health in particular by building wells, pumps and the installation of water filtration systems in underdeveloped countries in order to provide safe and clean water.

Individual and Corporate Sponsorship

We are inviting you or your company to participate in the running costs of Waterfall so we can upkeep our 100% promise to donors.

100% Donations to Project Promise

We promise to pay 100% of the money donated by you to the chosen project.

The Water Crisis

1 Billion people on our earth face a daily crisis, Water. This crisis threatens lives of children and adults and livelihoods more so than any war. This is a daily crisis unlike natural disasters which does not make headlines in the media as more people die each year from drinking dirty water than earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters.