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Farm Drip Irrigation Systems £2500

6% Donated/£2,350 To Go
We have been installing drip irrigation systems to poor farmers in Pemba Island Zanzibar. This method of watering crops makes most efficient use of water which is a scarce commodity and bring efficiency in farming, resulting in higher yielding crops. This method is taking farmers out of poverty and now they have enough to feed their own families as well as selling to the local market. This is a zakaat project.
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Sponsor an orphan for only £30 a month

45% Donated/£19,640 To Go
Education is the best gift you can give, especially to orphans and the poor. Water Fall Charity run a school in Tanga Tanzania ,where you can donate towards a childs education. We are trying to give the best education to the worse off in society so they can be empowered and stand up on there own. This is a zakaat project.
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West Bengal India Hand Pump Project £150

50% Donated/u00a3749 To Go
Donate a hand pump for £150 in West Bengal India to needy families. We have completed 200 hand pumps in this area,but there is a urgent need for more. The area we are working is the Balmer District West Bengal, where poverty and unemployment is very high. These people rely on communal wells far from their homes drawing water from traditional unsealed water wells which leads to the water to become dirty and contaminated, leading to the spread of disease. These handpumps suffices for poor families trying...
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