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Ramadan Food Distribution 2020

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Every year the waterfall team travels to Pemba Island, unfortunately this year due to travel restrictions for the Covid-19 outbreak and the safety of the team we will not be travelling to Tanzania to distribute food parcels to the most poor and needy.

Our team in Pemba Island are going to deliver door to door this year as there are social distancing restrictions on the island.

Last year we impacted over 28,000 people and gave food parcels to take them through the month of Ramadan.

Each food parcel costs £30.00 and consists of:

Rice,Oil,Sugar,Flour and Dates.


This year due to the situation in India and the suffering of people due to lockdown,especially the day to day workers we have distributed in Malder and Dinajpur districts in West Bengal, Belwar Katihar in Bihar India and in this last week we will be distributing in Mewat District Rajasthan India.

Help families this Ramadan.