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Hand Pump in West Bengal India £150

Donate a Hand Pump In West Bengal India
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Donate a hand pump in West Bengal India to needy families.

We have completed 200 pumps in this area,but there is a urgent need for more.

The area we are working is the Balmer District West Bengal, where poverty and unemployment is very high.
These people rely on communal wells far from their homes drawing water from traditional unsealed water wells which leads to the water to become dirty and contaminated, leading to the spread of disease.

These handpumps suffices for poor families trying to meet their water requirements.

Suction hand pumps are cheap, easy to install and maintain. Maintenance is done at the village level without the need for specialist parts. The maximum column of water the pump can physically lift is approximately 7m. The pumps are made from cast iron.

We can put a plaque on the pump for whomever the hand pump is donated to.