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    We are working on Pemba Island, Zanzibar Tanzania, and this year we are personally going again to do a food distribution programme.For £30 you can feed a family for a month, thats £1 a day!Donate Now
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Water Fall is a UK registered charity started in January 2011 to try and help the global water crisis, after seeing poverty in India, Africa and the struggle and problems for water.

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Chake Chake Hospital, Pemba, Zanzibar

THIS PROJECT IS NOW FUNDED Pemba is an island off the coast of Tanzania,part of the Zanzibar Islands, we are working towards helping to get the whole island access to clean water. Some volunteers visited a hospital in Pemba which does not get water for upto 3 days! This results...
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Water is a vital part of life. We use water without a second thought, while water shortage and sanitation is a worldwide concern.
Water is a privilege we take for granted. For most of us in the developed world, clean and safe water is freely available. At the simple turn of a tap, we can quench our thirst, wash, and flush our toilets.
But 768 million people in the world do not have this luxury. They have to walk for many miles to find water, and even then, it is not even clean or safe to drink.  Fetching the heavy load of water is a daily chore that takes hours in the most unforgiving conditions.
At Waterfall, we believe clean water is a basic human need which should be freely available to all. Why should we have easy access and the third world not?  Why are so many in the third world drinking dirty, contaminated water?  And why do they have to travel so far to fetch it?
We can help! Waterfall is helping to supply clean and safe water for communities all over the world. Providing this basic human need for people who would otherwise walk for miles is our mission. We work to build wells and install filter systems in remote villages, positively changing lives of people young and old, and providing opportunities which would not otherwise be possible.

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